Modifying Barcodes and Patterns

Changing a pattern is easy: Just select the frame that has a pattern applied to it, make a change to any of the controls, and as soon as you press Tab or Enter, the pattern updates. 

You can also change the pattern by choosing a new one from the Pattern dropdown in the PatternMaker palette.

Applying transformations and effects

You can modify patterns just like you would any other placed graphic in InDesign. For example, you can rotate it, scale it, mirror it, or skew it.  To make changes directly to the pattern, such as scaling or shearing, select it with the Direct Select tool.

Skew, feather and drop shadow applied to patterns

Because these patterns have transparent backgrounds (that is, you can see through the spaces between the pattern lines), you can add a background color to the pattern by changing the fill color of the frame. Plus, you can all of the effects available in InDesign to the patterns!

However, the result depends on which selection tool you use and the fill color of the pattern’s frame. If the frame has a fill color of None, then applying the effect always affects the pattern itself. If the frame has a solid color (or gradient) fill, then you must first select the pattern with the Direct Selection tool (white arrow) tool. Otherwise, the effect is applied to the frame rather than the pattern.

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