Working With Presets

A pattern preset lets you save all the settings in a barcode or pattern and then apply them all at once later.  Unlike styles in InDesign, pattern presets don’t stay linked after they’re applied.  In other words, updating the settings in a pattern preset will have no effect on the frames the preset has already been applied to.

Create a preset

Create a new preset is easy. Just apply a pattern, then choose "Save as preset" from the Presets dropdown at the bottom of the palette:


Apply a preset

To apply a preset, select a frame then choose the preset from the "Presets" dropdown:

Where do Presets Live?

Presets live with a document or with the application itself.  Presets that are created and edited when no documents are open are on the application workspace.  When a new document is created, the presets from the application workspace are copied to the document.

To work with presets when no documents are open, select the “Edit Presets...” menu from the PatternMaker flyout menu.

Moving Presets

You can move your presets from one version of InDesign to another. To do it, follow these steps:

  1. In the new InDesign version, close all documents. This will cause the presets to load into your application workspace.
  2. In the new InDesign version, in the PatternMaker palette, open the presets dropdown and choose Edit Presets...
  3. In the Edit Presets dialog, choose Load. Navigate to an InDesign file from the old InDesign version that has your presets and select it.
  4. The presets will load up. Click OK in the Edit preset dialog, and the presets should now be in the new InDesign version.

If you want access to presets on your old InDesign version's application workspace, go into the old version and create a new document. The new document will have all the application presets. Save it and then go the new InDesign version and load the presets from the document you just made.

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