Installing, activating, and managing subscriptions

Installing Your Teacup Plug-ins

To install your Teacup plug-in, simply double click on the installer and it will install the plug-ins, documentation and support files (including this documentation file) into your InDesign > Plug-ins folder, under a folder called “Teacup”.

Uninstalling your Teacup Plug-ins

To uninstall your plug-ins:

  1. Quit InDesign
  2. Go to your InDesign application folder and look in the "Plug-ins" folder there.
  3. You'll see a folder called "Teacup". Delete it.
  4. Restart InDesign.

Activation codes

When you purchase a Teacup plug-in, you are sent an activation code and password that you then use to activate the demo version to be the full working version.


The activation dialog

  1. There are two ways to start the activation process
    • From the plug-in’s splash screen, you can press the “Activate” button
    • From the Help > About Plug-Ins menu (Win) or InDesign > About Plug-Ins menu (Mac), select Teacup > [plug-in name] > Activate
  2. A dialog will appear that has two sections to it. In the first section, you enter your activation key. In the second step, you click “Activate Automatically.”
  3. A new dialog will pop up asking you for the activation password. Enter that and click OK.
  4. The plug-in will connect with Teacup’s servers, check if the serial number is valid, and if it is, will unlock the plug-in.
  5. When you’re finished activating, click the “Done” button to dismiss the dialog.

Installing Silently

To install silently on Windows, simply add a \S after the installer name. For example, you can execute the PatternMaker InDesign 2022 installer silently with this command (presuming your terminal is in the same directory as the installer):

.\PatternsAndBarcodes_2022_ID17.0_win.exe /S

On Mac, you can activate silently, but you have to explicitly tell it where to put the plug-in.  You have to use the "installer" command.  Here's an example of silently installing PatternMaker and BarcodeMaker into InDesign 2021:

sudo installer -pkg './Patterns and Barcodes for Adobe InDesign 2021.pkg' -target '/Applications/Adobe InDesign 2021/Plug-Ins/Teacup'

Activating and deactivate silently

It's possible to activate or deactivate the plug-ins silently, without any user interface, when InDesign starts up. This is only possible if you have a license ID that is all numbers.

Activating silently

On startup, if the plug-in is not activated and the correctly named text file is present with the correct contents, the plug-ins will activate themselves automatically.

You need to create a text file with the following lines, in this order - the first two are required, the others are optional:

  1. License ID [required]
  2. Activation password [required]
  3. Proxy address and port [optional]
  4. Proxy user name [optional]
  5. Proxy password [optional]

Here's an example of what a text file might look like:


The file needs to go next to the plug-in files themselves.  These can be found under your InDesign installation directory, under the following folder paths:

  • DataLinker:
    • /Plug-Ins/Teacup/DataLinker
  • BarcodeMaker and PatternPack:
    • /Plug-Ins/Teacup/Patterns and Barcodes
The files have to be named with the plug-in name, followed by a suffix of .serial. So these are what the file names would look like for our plug-ins:
  • BarcodeMaker.serial
  • DataLinker.serial
  • PatternPack.serial

Deactivating silently

To deactivate silently, create an empty file with the plug-in name followed by the suffix ".deactivate" and place it next to the plug-in files - those locations are outlined above in the "Activating silently" section. If the plug-in is activated, on startup InDesign will see the file, deactivate the plug-ins, and delete the file.

Here is what the name of the file needs to be for each of our plug-ins:

  • BarcodeMaker.deactivate
  • DataLinker.deactivate
  • PatternPack.deactivate

Entering Proxy information

The password dialog after you press the "Show Proxy Settings" button

If you have a new style activation code, you can enter your Proxy IP address, user name, and password in the password dialog, after you click on Activate Automatically. Just click on the "Show Proxy Settings" button in the password dialog and enter your information.

Deactivating your Teacup Plug-in

If you want to move your plug-in from one machine to another one, you need to first deactivate the machine you have already activated. To do this, go under Help > Deactivate Teacup Plug-in and select the plug-in you would like to deactivate.

Managing your activations online

If you have a "new style" activation code, you can manage your activations online by going to this link.

Once you've logged in, follow these steps to see your specific activations:

  1. Click "Licenses and Activations"
  2. Click your license ID number
  3. Click "Manage Installations"
  4. Find the machine you want to deactivate (the machine name is included in the list) and click the red X to deactivate it.

Managing your subscription

When you purchased, you were sent a unique URL with your receipt that allows you to manage your subscription. If you can't find it, you can contact support to request it.

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    Daniel Jansson

    How do I activate BarcodeMaker for InDesign Server?

  • 0
    John Mattheus

    Same here, justa asked them if the new version off the plug-in was ready. Waiting for an answer...

    They suggest to keep working with version 2015 untill they release the new version off the plug-in


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    Shannon Chadwick

    Do you support the latest version of InDesign CC 2017? We just upgraded and now Patternmaker isn't working... It's not even showing up. We've tried re-downloading and re-installing, re-starting the program and the Mac... Nothing! Help!!!!

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    Susan Riegel

    What to do if the steps above are followed, but the activation screen won't accept the License number, so that clicking Activate Automatically (after putting in the number) does nothing?

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