What does DataLinker do?

DataLinker allows you to connect an InDesign document directly to a data source, such as a database or a flat text file. When a change is made to the data, you can automatically update the InDesign document to reflect the new information. For any publication that may need to connect to external data, such as price lists, product catalogs, budgets or annual reports, DataLinker is a powerful tool that will save time and reduce error.

Other features in DataLinker include:

  • Simultaneously merge multiple records into an InDesign document
  • Split a merge into multiple InDesign documents, and combine them together at the end to an InDesign book. This essentially means you can merge an unlimited number of records.
  • Merge across spreads
  • Easily fill InDesign tables with data
  • Create barcodes from database data (requires Teacup’s BarcodeMaker plug-in)
  • Link images to image frames
  • Automatically format text as it is placed to ensure continuity within your document.
  • Automatically apply paragraph styles or object styles when your data is linked
  • Regex find/replace on your data as it is placed in the document. This allows for highly flexible data formatting
  • Unlimited field length when using the ODBC plug-in.
  • Prefix and suffix areas in alphanumeric fields can handle all InDesign special characters, such as ^n for a carriage return, and ^t for a tab.
  • Use XML rule scripts to modify data after it is merged into the document, using the full power of the InDesign scripting API.


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