Creating a SQL query that uses a stored procedure, I get an error "Failed to retrieve rows from the database"

This error can be caused if you have "smart quotes" or "curly quotes" enabled on OS X and you manually type in your query.

For example, say you have a query that looks something like this:

exec myProcedure 'MY_PARAMETER'

If you have smart quotes enabled and type it in manually, you'll get:

exec myProcedure ‘MY_PARAMETER’

Note the curly quotes around "MY_PARAMETER". If this weren't a stored procedure, you would likely get an error about the SQL syntax that pointed you to the problem, but since it's a stored procedure, and not SQL,we don't get the error. Instead, DataLinker just gives a generic error that it didn't get any rows back.

To correct it, remove the smart quotes. You can also turn off the smart quote system preference, which can be found in OS X in the System Preferences app under Keyboard, under the "Text" tab. Un-check "Use smart quotes and dashes."

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