DataLinker Utilities

There is a "Utilities" menu under the DataLinker menu that offers a number of helpful functions.

Note: If you don't see the Utilities menu, then it could be a permissions issue. You need write access to the "Scripts" folder in your InDesign application folder. Please make sure you have write access to that folder and then re-run our installer, and the Utilities menu should then appear.

We'll take a look at each utility below.


Export Data Sources

This will export your data sources to a file called DataLinker.xml to a location of your choosing

Import Data Sources

This will import a set of data sources from a DataLinker.xml file. Note that any existing data sources that have the same name as an incoming data source will be overwritten by the incoming data source.

Reload Current Data Source

This will cause the DataLinker palette to refresh the currently loaded data source

Create Field Report

Creates a CSV report that lists information about a specific field in the document.

Delete empty DataLinker fields

This will delete empty DataLinker fields in a set of documents, including images and barcodes. 

Rename column-name in doc

This allows you to rename a field in a document. Useful if you have already merged data into a document but have changed the name of the column in your data source. Also useful if you want to merge different columns into the same template - you can create the template using one column, and when you want to switch, you can use this utility to rename the column in your document and then just refresh the data.

Rename RecordID in doc

This allows you to change the key field for a specific record. Say you have a data source with a key field named "my_record_id". Imagine that you've created a template where you've linked data from a record 5 into the document. Now you want to change the document so it shows data from record 8. You can use this utility to make that happen. Just run the utility, and after you're done, synchronize the document.

Rename data-source in doc

This allows you to rename a data sourcein a document. Useful if you want to use the same InDesign template with different data sources. As long as the key field is the same between your data sources, you can use this utility to point the document at the new data source. Then synchronize the document, and voila - all the data from the new data source shows up.

Strip White Space

Strips white space from the record ID and the column name, not from the data itself.

Synchronize All Docs In Folder

Synchronizes all InDesign documents in a folder.

Update data source

Will update a single data source in a document. Useful if you have multiple data sources in a doc and you only want to update one of them.

Update One Column

Syncrhonizes all instances of a single field in a document.

Update Only Images

Syncrhonizes all image fields in a document

Update Only Non-Images

Syncrhonizes all fields that are not images in a document.

Update specific records

Allows you to update just a specific set of records.

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