How to add a CSV data source

The term “CSV” is short for “Comma Separated Value.”  DataLinker can actually handle text files whose fields are separated by commas, tabs or semi-colons, but the file must always end with the suffix “csv”.

To add a CSV data source, follow these steps:

  1. From either the palette flyout menu or the main DataLinker menu, choose Data Sources > Add Data Source.
  2. A small dialog appears asking you what type of data source you would like to add.  Choose “CSV” and click “Next”

  3. The “Add CSV Data Source” dialog appears.

  4. The dialog is broken down into three areas:
    • Data Source Name - Type in the name of your data source.  This is the name that DataLinker will use to refer to your data source.
    • Location - Click the Choose button to browse to the CSV file you want to use.  Remember, the file must end with a .csv suffix!
    • Content – In this area, DataLinker needs to know how to read your text file.  Is the file Unicode or ASCII?  What line endings are used?  What kind of record delimiters?  The following are the five fields in this area you can set:
  5. File Encoding – Select the encoding for your file. Choices are ASCII and two flavors of Unicode - UTF-8 and UTF-16.
  6. Field Delimiter – This lets DataLinker know what characters - comma, semi-colon or tab - to look for between each field in a given record.
  7. Text Qualifier – Fields may be surrounded by single or double quotes, or by nothing at all.  Select what best applies to your data file.
  8. Key Field – This is where you tell DataLinker which field it should use to uniquely identify each record.  It is important that this field will never change for a given record, and that no two records share the same key.
  9. Sample – This area at the bottom of the dialog shows how DataLinker reads the first eight fields in the data source.  As you change the various settings in the “Content” area, this sample field will update to show how DataLinker reads the data with the different settings.
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